• 'Borderline' by Sandie Jessamine

    2 April at 16:33 from atlas

    I blinked at handcuffs. Were they going to leave me tied up? Click, clack. They locked. My wrists were jammed in front of me. Two cops grabbed my shoulders …

    —Sandie Jessamine

    In 2018, Sandie Jessamine entered an extract titled 'Kamballa the Forgotten Girls Home' in the Walter Stone Award for Life Writing run by the Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW Inc. Entries had to be part of an unpublished manuscript that had Australian historical significance.

    Sandie writes:

    'Kamballa was a social experiment to see if we could be rehabilitated if staff formed relationships with us and taught life skills. The institution had previously been known as Parramatta Girls Home, renowned for its brutality. When the extract of my book Borderline was shortlisted, I began to believe that my memoir might get published. I asked Rae Luckie, the competition judge, for a manuscript assessment. Rae told me my story reflected the experiences of so many others—it needed to be told and heard. She encouraged me to finish it and in March 2021, Borderline was published by Bad Apple Press.'


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