• 'Debesa' by Cindy Solonec to be released 1 May and launched in Derby 11 June 2021

    8 April at 10:39 from atlas

    In the preface Cindy writes:

    'Out of sight and sitting quietly in my father's office, I rummaged through his papers, my school reports and his diaries. Dad had begun jotting down snippets from his life in 1944 after moving to the Kimberley ... I don't claim to know what my parents feelings were ... One can only speculate. But what I do know is that it was my parents' shared faith, their cultural values and the children of their union that formed the strength of their relationship. This is their story.'

    It was a privilege to mentor Cindy in the early stages of the amazing story of her parents, Frank and Katie Rodriguez who pioneered Debesa, an isolated sheep station in the West Kimberley.


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